Using Acupuncture Therapy to Improve Sleeping Patterns in Children
It is often I hear parents mention stories of their little ones waking during the night. Although there are many explanations for why children wake, most often, parents report their child wakes feeling fearful or anxious, others due to bad dreams, or perhaps to empty a full-bladder or after an accidental bed-wetting.
Many different factors can lead a child to wake in the night, yet we do not often associate this nighttime pattern with an internal disharmony. However, when gathering some more information from the child and his or her parents, an acupuncturist can determine the underlying root-cause that could potentially be causing the child to have recurring nightmares, wake and become emotional, or experience incontinence, etc.
Acupuncture points are used specifically to address the child’s root-cause, followed by some additional points to create a calming effect so that when nighttime comes, he or she will sleep through the night. Depending on the age of the child, acupuncture needles may not be used, but will be replaced with needle-free acupuncture tools called Shoni Shin, allowing children of all ages, including infants and toddlers to receive treatment as well!

Marisa – Anderson Accupuncture